Lead process engineer

Location: Oslo ID: HQ00008945
Lead process engineer
- Process flow diagrams (PFDs) including:
- Heat and material balances described by stream data for all streams entering and leaving equipment.
- Main process control loops
- Process simulation report
- Process optimization with regards to energy efficiency
- Process safety report including:
- Reasoning behind chosen process safety functions against pressure, temperature etc.
- Leak detection philosophy
- Structured description and documentation of instrumented shut down functions
- Description/ documentation of safety critical heat tracing.
- Description/ documentation of secured/locked valve positions that is part of the process safety design.
- Process and utility systems description including:
- Basis for the design and reasoning behind the chosen solutions and configurations incl sparing philosophy.
- Description of eventual discarded solutions and.
- Reasoning behind main control loops
- Description of start-up and shutdown
- Description of chemical injection with injection points and injection rates.
- Process data sheets
- Sizing of process equipment
- Line sizing including line list for down to and including 4” for process lines and 4” for utility lines
- Utility flow diagrams (UFD) including heat and material balances
- Utility consumption report
- Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)
- Design requirements for process and utility systems
- Flare, vent, relief and blow down study report
- Input to Master equipment list
- Update design basis and Scope of Work