Senior Engineer Marine

Location: Bergen ID: HQ00008865
Senior Engineer Marine  
- Establish and review documentation related to fabrication yard load-out operations
- Planning and execution of load-out operations, including fabrication yard follow up activities
- Establish and review documentation related to offshore heavy lift & installation operations
- Handle interface with T&I Contractors
- Establish design of T&I Contractor requirements for the various operations, e.g. guide and bumper arrangement for offshore installation of modules, grillage for barge transport of modules, etc.
- Conceptual structural design and calculations
- Master
- Familiarity with relevant standards such as (but not limited to) DNVGL offshore standards and ISO 19901-6
- Experience with similar work
- Familiar with use of scripting and programming for efficient analyses performance
- Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience with particular focus on load-out, transport and offshore heavy lift installation operations.  
- Excellent written presentation skills
- Must master Norwegian and English written and spoken
- Must have in depth knowledge about load out operations and offshore module installation operations with use of Heavy Lift Vessel / Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel
- Theoretical and practical knowledge with SIMA
- Familiar with DNVGL Sesam software
- GSK - Basic Safety and Emergency Training