MTO Coordinator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008560
MTO Coordinator
- Obtain data for Tag and cables from the discipline based on info from Aveva Engineering
- Map the material to correct purchase package (PWBS) and storage location (PWBS)
- Maintenance when needed (new material)
- Responsible engineer for multidiscipline requisitioning based on input from the various discipline incl registration in EIS and transfer to SAP
- Responsible engineer for reservation (from EIS til SAP) incl collecton of reservation data from 3D og MTS
- Follow-up badlist (C&S request etc.)
- Follow-up reservation badlist.
- Bachelor Degree or equivalent with at least 5 years of experience in the Oil & gas Industry
- Participation in EPCIC projects.
- Excellent knowledge of Norsok standards.
- Previous experience with Equinor procedures and standards.
- Previous experience with Aibel’s systems EIS, Proarc (highly preferable)
- Must have valid Norwegian offshore- and health certificates..