ES Offshore Supervisor/Operator

Location: Offshore ID: HQ00008546
Offshore Supervisor
- Lead the M-I SWACO crew on the rig.
- Be responsible for all M-I SWACO operations on the rig.
- Represent M-I SWACO in meetings offshore and onshore.
- Responsible for all work on the rig, day and night.
- Set up work plans for night shift and day shift
- At all times make sure that the operator is given the best possible advice and guidance in order to achieve the best possible results.
- Make sure that all paperwork are filled out and submitted according to instructions.
- Advise PL on any new competitive developments, products, servicing procedures and technical application or in general for increasing customer interest.
- Advise customers on proper product application and installation. Explain product function and tips on trouble shooting to customer and rig personnel.
- Maintain inventory control and send list via e-mail or telefax to the PL and M-I SWACO Head Office as required.
- When required, assist the operator in the optimum running of the solids removal equipment.
- Take the necessary steps to avoid spillage of waste, drilling fluids etc.
- Take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of waste generated.
- Assist in training of new employees, colleagues.
- Carry out other duties as delegated from PL.
- Execute maintenance on all equipment accordance to schedule (ref. In Operating Maintenance Checklists) and procedure. If necessary send equipment onshore for repair.
- Maintenance records and In Operating Maintenance checklists shall be kept on file and submitted to designated project leader accordance to procedures (ref. In Operating Maintenance Checklists).
- Responsible for submitting backload tickets to designated project leader prior to shipment from rig and to assure that all the equipment and documentation is returned in a consistent and orderly manner.
- Ensure that company QHSE procedures, instructions and safety standards are understood and complied with at all times.
- Be aware of individual QHSE responsibilities as required by both the company- and customer policy and statutory legislation.
- Report, investigate and follow up all QHSE matters accordance to internal and customers non-conformance reporting procedures.
- Protective clothing and measures are worn at all times accordance to internal and customer requirements.
- Understand your role within location emergency plans.
- Promote the principle that a positive safety culture is founded on mutual trust and by shared perceptions of the importance of QHSE.
- Assist in QHSE audits, -inspections and participate regularly in QHSE meetings.
- Carry out necessary risk assessments and safe job analysis (SJA) prior to operations.
- Preferably a Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Degree, or equivalent.
- Formal theoretical education may be compensated by long experience.
- Computer literacy and good communication skills, oral and written.
- Compulsory safety training course.
- Compulsory Work Permit and Safe Job Analysis (SJA) course.