Drilling Fluids Engineer (DFE)

Location: Offshore ID: HQ00008545
Drilling Fluids Engineer
- At all times make sure that the operator is given the best possible advice and guidance in order to achieve the best possible results.
- Forecast material requirements for well-site operations and order adequate amount of drilling fluid products and equipment to mix and maintain drilling fluids according to the specifications listed in the drilling fluid programme.
- Supervise all treatment of drilling fluids or other fluids and ensure all solids control equipment is operating in a safe and efficient manner.
- Keep close control of fluid properties and ensure provision of a complete, accurate and informative Daily Drilling Fluid Report in accordance with company procedures and contractual requirements.
- Ensure that an adequate rig site chemical inventory and an accurate record of supply and consumption is maintained and reported according to company and contractual requirements.
- Ensure provision of a complete, accurate and informative Well Summary Report for submission to the PL for final review.
- Keep the drilling fluid laboratory clean and tidy and ensure proper inventory of offshore testing equipment and chemicals.
- Ensure that all test equipment is well maintained and regularly calibrated according to procedures. Equipment that is out of order must be sent ashore for repair. Calibration records must be kept on file.
- As required, provide information concerning drilling fluid properties to the operator, drilling contractor and logging company or mud logging company.
- Minimum an Engineering Degree, preferably within petroleum technology or chemistry, or equivalent. (Formal theoretical education may be compensated by long-term experience.)
- Basic drilling fluids course (Mud School)
- Compulsory safety training course
- Minimum one year as Junior Drilling Fluids Engineer