Logistics Coordinator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008140
Logistics Coordinator
The purpose of the LC job is to make sure that the identified and scheduled field personnel for the different jobs are provided with sufficient reservations and tickets for an efficient carrying to their destinations (sites).
- This includes transportation to the airport/heliport, necessary accommodations and helicopter flights to the actual rigs and/or sites.
- The LC shall as required and continuously co-operate and communicate in close relation with the PP and together create the optimal conditions and provides the necessary information and travelling documents in an expedient and efficient manner.
- The LC activities and tasks are as follows:
- Execute FSE personnel booking (PP-105)
- Record rig specific course evidence
- Evaluate and enrol on rig specific training
- Update OCS to and from RIG and rig specific certificates
- Update schedules for travel to / from rig and training
- Order helicopter transportation and inform involved BH personnel and clients as relevant
- Order airtickets and make hotel reservations
- Update personnel planner with call outs, changes and cancellations of personnel from clients