Senior Data & Information Analyst

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008014
Senior Data & Information Analyst
- Establish and lead the "Visualization & Analytics Center of Excellence"
- Establish business management processes for the analytics and visualization area, and be responsible for these. This include setting polices, develop frameworks/guidelines - and be an active enforcer.
- Communicate and inform the organization about visualization and analytics area, and take an active part in the ongoing conceptual discussions on several arenas in Aker BP.
- Develop Aker BP's toolbox of visualization and analytics tools - and execute system ownership (PowerBI, Grafana etc.).
- Build requirement sets for future collaboration partners & vendors in this area - and be the main contact towards these vendors.
- Contribute to the Data Insights and Analytics strategy
- Work closely with Data Insights & Analytics portfolio responsible with regards to resource planning and contribution in initiatives and projects.
The main goals for visualization and analytics “Center of Excellence” are:
- Develop, own, manage and enforce processes, methods & tools
- Be the continuity amongst all the projects and initiatives
- Promote collaboration throughout the organization
- Be an expert advisor
- Have a tight coupling to other relevant functions, such as architecture, information governance and meta/master/reference data
- Shape the visualization and analytics area in Aker BP
- Have an portfolio of vendors with relevant commence needed in projects
Extensive experience and understanding of the visualization and analytics domain, including:
- Tools (PowerBI, Grafana etc)
- Methodology
- MS Azure and Google BI eco systems
- Information governance
Extensive understanding of
- Information management, for instance via DAMA
- Business management processes
Experience and understanding of the oil & gas value chain
Høyskole / Universitet, Hovedfag / Mastergrad /