SPS Lead

Location: Fornebu ID: HQ00007705
SPS Lead
The SPS Lead has the following main responsibilities
Owner of Alliance SPS scope and “client representative” for SPS delivery to project.
Participate in Alliance risk management and audit and monitoring activities.
Participate in Alliance technology qualification activities
Assess requirements for Client or third party monitoring and verification and contribute to planning and performance of such
Delegate follow up activities to Alliance and give support and input to Alliance
During FEED project execution, the SPS Lead shall ensure “see-to-duty” of the scope to ensure that all project work is being accomplished safely and the scope is being developed in accordance with the specified requirements, codes, standards and regulations.  
The SPS Lead shall coordinate with all involved parties internally and externally and closely follow up the different contractors and suppliers on interfaces, technical queries, deviations, variation orders, document control, risk management and work processes that affect the project's priorities.
Main responsibilities
-Mandated authority to deliver the SPS Scope
-Ensure a robust one-team HSE focused project culture and organization
-Ensure the project scope is completely defined including battery limits and interfaces between other Business Units, between contractors and stakeholders
-“See-to-Duty” related to scope deliveries and ensuring the scope is being developed in accordance with specified codes, standards and regulations
-Ensure project management systems have been established, maintained and followed
-Establish effective work processes and systems to allow for efficient information flow within the project.
-Ensure technical compliance, integrity and integration of the project scope
-Manage (identify, initiate, review, approve) scope changes affecting the project
-Coordinate with all involved parties internally and Contractors to identify risks affecting project-level priorities
-Monitor and control project scope including; reporting, stakeholder management, cost control, schedule management
-Overall accountable for the mandated SPS project delivery
-Deliver the SPS scope according to given mandate and scope of work
-Deliver on the Improvement agenda
-Deliver a flow efficient, cost effective and safe project on time
-Utilization of alliances where applicable
-Ensure proper and aligned reporting both internally and externally where applicable
Interfaces and dependencies
-Proactive and efficient stakeholder management between Client and authorities.
-Efficient decision making from BU's on critical tasks
-Support from other BU's to get necessary interface information
-Interface information and proactivity from involved parties outside the project
-Support to Project Manager as required