Quality Professional - Projects

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007678
Quality Professional - Projects
The Senior Quality professional - shall provide functional support to Projects on Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Risk Management. The role is given a large area of responsibility, room to act and influence the way we work and drive the HSSEQ culture in Client.
The Senior Quality professional - will be part of the Quality & Assurance team, which provide functional support for reducing quality cost, for ensuring quality, and for maintaining the 3 lines of defence to prevent unwanted events. The quality and assurance team work closely with the central Lean deployment team and the business units on quality assurance, quality control, and improvement activities.
-Support the project in preparing for Decision Gates and readiness reviews
-Ensure that project/Alliance have understood the contract requirements for management of risk and QA/QC
-Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement in accordance with BMS and Project Organisation requirements.
-Reporting daily to the Project Manager
Implementation of Business Management System (BMS) Requirements
-Assist with implementation and follow-up of the project management system and quality management requirements in the Projects/Alliances (BMS processes for project management)
-Verify Supplier Quality System through Client and Alliance resources
-Manage the (PIMS) project management modules defined as mandatory for Client (Deviations / Non-Conformity/ Assurance/ Meetings/ Management of Change/ Decisions/ Risk and opportunity Register)
Risk Management
-Risk management - coach organisation in process execution and in the correct use of tools, including facilitate risk workshops.
-Facilitation and follow-up of criticality assessments
-Give input to and follow-up the risk register
-Following up Alliance Risk Program and coordinate Risk review
Provide Quality Assurance Oversight and Support
-Establish scope of work for quality management for the project based on project deliverables and level of criticality
-Establish overview of and identify total verification plan for the project/Alliance activities in accordance with the Client Three Lines of Defence model
-Develop, support, perform and follow-up Assurance plans for Project/Alliance,
-Ensure that plans are updated and regularly reviewed by the Management, Engineering and Procurement team
-Prepare, lead and produce reports including response from audits, verifications and self-assessments
-Perform contractor/ subcontractor follow-up activities in an alliance environment
-Verify that QC plans are established and implemented
-Acquire and coordinate quality QA/QC Engineers
-Evaluation of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
-Establish a quality improvement plan in close cooperation with the Project Management Team (PMT)
Quality Control:
-Ensure that QC activities are fulfilled in accordance with see-to duty
-Follow-up and participate project Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) as when required.
-Expediting package deliveries
-Support project offshore representative when required
-Project report on QC activities (verification plan) and site report
-Establish KPI report (e.g. quality incidents/failure)
-Verification and review of quality documents as part of project inter-disciplinary control (IDC)
-Verify/acceptance Company Provide Items (CPI) deliveries
-Lead, coordinate and support Management of Change activities
-Communicate and share lessons learned from quality incidents
-Lead, coordinate and support handling of quality incidents and quality cost reporting
-Register and handle Quality incidents
-Track, monitor, and follow-up quality incidents
-Lead or support after action reviews, Root-Cause and Failure Analysis for quality incidents
-Participate in quality incident investigations
-Evaluation of dispute information and prepare claim submissions
Coordination and Integration Activities
-Coordination between Alliances, front office in business unit and back office Quality & Assurance department
-Coordination with Project Assurance activities
-Coordination with Engineering
-Support the engineering team in order to receive Supplier/Alliance quality documentation in due time
-Support handling of Technical Queries, Deviations and Nonconformities
-Overview of and support audits and technical verifications of the engineering processes
-Coordination with Procurement
-Support procurement in review and acceptance of invitation to tender (ITT) documents
-Support procurement in evaluation of tenders
-Perform audits on Supplier/Alliances in order to verify conformity, improvements and opportunities
-Coordination with Construction and Completion
-Work integrated with the construction team in QA/QC and Risk related issues, and be responsible for closing of any issues
-Verify qualifications of QC personnel, and oversee QC plan performance
University degree, minimum bachelor, in an Engineering discipline
Senior Engineer: 5-10 years relevant experience from offshore development projects
Project execution and insight into all business units (D&W, Development & Modification Projects, Operations, Engineering, SCM)
Quality assurance and quality control
Good knowledge of ISO 9000 series of standards
Regulatory competence for the petroleum industry
Risk management
Designing management systems and documentation, process design, process re-engineering, process implementation
Quality systems/management systems
Quality management and oversight of suppliers and vendors
Change management and implementation
Strong facilitation skills with teaching qualifications or experience
Handling of non-conformances and deviations
Investigation of quality incidents
Good understanding of quality assurance methods and tools (including knowledge of Inspection and test planning tools, as well as problem-solving tools)
Strong strategic and analytical skills to see patters and correlations that can support decision basis to minimize Costs of Quality
Experience reviewing quality documentation and auditing quality programs
Auditing Vendors
(Lead) Auditor Certification
Experience interfacing with Suppliers, Engineering, and Sourcing to drive Quality improvements that minimize Costs of Quality
Improving supplier quality performance for assigned suppliers via Quality Plan implementation.
Supplier selection through robust qualification processes
Lean Six Sigma experience
Business Process management
Strong verbal and written communication skills