Senior Engineer Automation - SAS

Location: Asker ID: HQ00007407
Senior Engineer Automation - SAS
- Responsible for overall SAS systems design, interface and integration
- Planning of SAS deliveries for offshore field center with onshore interfaces
- System Design, interface and follow up of SAS networks
- Interface solution towards SAS and electrical control system
- Designing solutions according to our client's requirements
- SAS hardware design
- Perform and complete engineering documents and data registers
- In cooperation with client and contractors ensure standardization and coherent integration and design between offshore platforms, onshore site and subsea
- Education Bachelor degree
- Ex course
- FSE course
- Minimum 10 years’ experience from automation engineering in green field projects
- Minimum 6 years’ Experience from automation and SAS system design, SAS system responsibility, SAS/automation network solutions from green field projects to be located on Norwegian Continental Shelf.
- Experience and deep knowledge of automation design according to relevant standards such as NORSOK, ATEX, PTIL and IEC
- Detail knowledge of Equinor technical requirements (TRs)