Security Advisor

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007095
Security Advisor
- Provide advice and guidance regarding establishment of an EPR&S team to be established in connection to a security event. Team must cover security situations connected to threats and risks targeting cyber domain, facilities, personnel and more
- Produce a document witch defines roles, responsibilities, competence, resources, and more to be used by client as the onshore crisis security plan
- Train personnel belonging to the onshore crisis security plan
- Participate during security exercises as a facilitator, and ensure that any lessons from this event is incorporated in to the crisis security plan
- Person must be knowledgeable within emergency preparedness and security planning and management.
Estimated time:
1. Prepare draft security document: 40 hours
2. Training and exercise: 40 hours
3. Participate and support during planned exercises 50 hours
4. Evaluation of exercises finalize documentation 40 hours
5. 15 % additional general security support 26 hours
Total 196 hours