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Work prep / metode piping / struktur

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008293
Work prep / metode piping / struktur - Metode arbeid og arbeidspakker innen rør / struktur. - Offshore survey kan forventes - Tett og godt samarbeid med Engineering - Beskrive jobbene i arbeidspakken på en slik måte at den blir utført på en sikker
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Completion Manager

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008290
Completion Manager - Input to project the Mechanical Completion. - Hand over and commissioning requirements. Develop commissioning strategy which will form the basis of Completion milestones required for Construction. - Develop jointly with Construction
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Cost Estimator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008281
Cost Estimator - The position as Cost Estimator is accountable to deliver maintain and oversee standard consistent and realistic cost estimates reflecting the assessed risk parameters for each project for all phases of the Norway projects portfolio.
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MC/Commissioning Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008280
MC/Commissioning Engineer - Carry out MC/Commissioning structure - Connect tag to MC/MCCR - Ensure that interface documentation with clear targets for delivery packages is prepared for completion and handover in accordance with PCS structure - Review and
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HR professional

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008279
HR professional - Støtte HR Manager i tildelt forretningsenhet og HR sin People & Development avdeling. - Hovedansvarlig for utføring av endringer knyttet til organisasjon og stillinger - Administrator og Superbruker av SAP SuccessFactors inkl. veilede
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HR Professional

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008278
HR Professional - Superbruker av SAP SuccessFactors og SAP HR inkl. timeføring og utlegg - Hovedkontakt og ansvarlig for lønnsinput mot lønnsleverandør Zalaris - Ansvarlig for HR masterdata knyttet til organisasjons- og stillingsstruktur organisasjonskart
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Instrument SAS Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008277
Instrument SAS Engineer - Ensure that the commissioning work is conducted in accordance with Commissioning Manual principles procedures schedules and a high technical quality to achieve a timely start-up operational reliability and safety. - Responsible
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Logistics Coordinator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008274
Logistics Coordinator - Cooperate with other project members in order to identify all necessary equipment own equipment and equipment to be hired - Communicate with Equipment Group for booking of equipment - Control the equipment from order and through
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Project Services Manager

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008273
Project Services Manager - Management of all commercial facets of the project including contract management planning document control risk and cost management - Ensure compliance with the Client Contract and Subsea 7 procedures with the support of
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Senior Structural PDMS designer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008272
Senior Structural PDMS designer - Perform PDMS structural design including 2D draft work of main and secondary outfitting structures as but not limited to : - Deck structures - Reinforcements of existing steel - Walkways - Access platforms - Stairs
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Technical Safety Engineer / DL

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008269
Technical Safety Engineer / DL - Perform detailed study design and modification tasks on safety systems in projects - Passive Fire Protection PFP - Active Fire Protection AFP - Area Classification and Ignition Source Control - Fire and Gas Detection
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Senior Metering Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008260
Senior Metering Engineer - Take responsibility for conceptual development and detail design of metering systems. - Prepare technical specifications data sheets and documentation. - Prepare installation- test- and start-up procedures. - Extensive contact
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Senior Planlegger

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008259
Senior Planlegger - Utarbeidelse og oppfølging av planer hovedsakelig for offshore installasjonsarbeid - Aktiv oppfølging av planer og analyse av fremdriftsutvikling milepæler og kritisk linje - Evaluering av plankonsekvenser relatert til endringer
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Document Controller

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008256
Document Controller - Ensure that the work which is carried out fulfils the department plans and procedures - Responsible for document management in individual project or contract - Ensure that colleagues have good understanding regarding routines and
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Senior Engineer (s) Pipe Stress

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008247
Senior Engineer s Pipe Stress - Perform Pipe Stress Analysis work in Pre-Engineering and Detail Engineering - Prepare and check stress ISO and basic stress reports - Give input to plan and to estimate own scope of work - Perform discipline check of calculations
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Senior Engineer (s) Pipe Support

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008246
Senior Engineer s Pipe Support - Designing and drafting Pipe Supports - Collaborate with Stress and Pipe Engineers for optimal design - Linking Tags and Documents in Aibel and Client systems related to Pipe Supports - Experience transfer
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DRE Flowline Senior Piping Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008245
DRE Flowline Senior Piping Engineer - Perform Piping work in Pre-Engineering Detail Engineering and As-Built phase - DRE Discipline Responsible Engineer - Assemble Piping Work packages for Flowline - 3D Design & Drawing Production - Follow up Piping
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DRE Senior Piping Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008244
DRE Senior Piping Engineer - Perform Piping work in Pre-Engineering Detail Engineering and As-Built phase - DRE Discipline Responsible Engineer - Contribute to completion of Piping Work packages - 3D Design & Drawing Production - Follow up Piping Prefab
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Senior Planlegger

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008243
Senior Planlegger - Etablere og følge opp prosjektplaner - Sikre korrekt rapportering av prosjektet overordnede status - Levere uke- og mnd. planrapporter - Gi aktiv støtte til prosjektgruppen Qualifications: - Master el. Bachelor innen
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Naval Architect

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008242
Naval Architect - Wind Tunnel Testing - Write SOW for Wind tunnel testing of the BdN FPSO - Follow up the Wind tunnel tests - Follow up design and make sure that result form the tests are included Weight and stability - Follow up weight estimates for
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Senior Estimator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008241
Senior Estimator - Utarbeidelse av gjennomførings estimater - Mengde oppdateringer - Innhenting av data fra andre disipliner - Oppfølging av estimater inkludert endringer - Delta i avklaringer mot kunde - Innsamling av erfaringstall Qualifications:
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Mechanical Package Responsible Engineers PRE

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008240
Mechanical Package Responsible Engineers PRE - Technical responsible for multidiscipline packages - Establish technical requisitions specification and supplier document requirements - Technical Bid evaluations - Review and acceptance of supplier documents
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Senior Graphic Consultant

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008233
Senior Graphic Consultant - We are looking for candidates that are specialists in their disciplines and persons that are good team players - The task will be to work in the production line in the project. - All candidates need some expertise in graphic
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Jobbsetter/ Workpreparation - Mechanical

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008227
Jobbsetter/ Workpreparation Mechanical - Establish job card entries in IFS. - Make man-hour estimations for planned SOW. - Prepare MTO for the job-cards. - Describe installation method/sequence and any dependencies to other works. - Report Progress
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Jobsetters Instrument

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008226
Jobsetters Instrument - Responsible for preparing job cards for instrument and telecom equipment including tubing. - All direct work shall be described in a job package. - Job-setting will be done at ROS premises in Stavanger using IFS. The job package
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Senior SAS Engineers

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008225
Senior SAS Engineers -Verify input from SOW and FEED. Work with SAS Critical documents such as: SCDs C&E Topology System Configuration Index etc. - Preparation of SAS Detail Packages - Preparation of SAS Workpackages in accordance with approved procedures.
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Method Engineers EIT

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008223
Method Engineers EIT - Responsible for establishing a WBS Work break down strategy based on the project overall deliveries including the clients commissioning strategy. - Responsible for visualizing and communicating the WBS strategy in the form
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Process Engineers

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008221
Process Engineers - Prepare P&IDs Cause and Effect diagrams SAT tables utility consumption list and line list - Prepare process datasheets for equipment and valves that include sizing of pressure relief valves pumps and equipment - Prepare process
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Senior Structural Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008220
Senior Structural Engineer - Perform structural engineering as required on various aspects of installation engineering eg. seafastening design of subsea equipment design of installation aids etc and ensure compliance with relevant codes and regulations.
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Principal Engineer, Technical Safety

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008217
Principal Engineer Technical Safety - You provide expertise and solutions for the technical safety discipline to plant integrity project development business development maintenance and operation - You support and challenge modification projects and
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DRE Senior Piping Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008216
DRE Senior Piping Engineer - Perform Piping work in Pre-Engineering Detail Engineering and As-Built phase - Assemble Piping Work packages - Piping design with 3D tools - Follow up Piping Prefab and Offshore Installation work - Perform offshore survey
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Electrical Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008208
Electrical Engineer - Perform and verify design of electrical installations - FEBDOK calculations - Define and design heat trace requirement in accordance with P&IDs - Prepare check an approve MTO - Prepare check and approve technical requisitions - Follow
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Installation Engineers

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008203
Installation Engineers Role A - Responsible for planning of operations writing procedures presenting in HAZOP procuring equipment and providing offshore support for the following scopes: - Installation of 8 off long flying leads at Njord A from deck
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Project Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008195
Project Engineer - Provide input to basis of design for T&I and Removal projects - Perform review of in-place analysis - Perform review of structural documents related to marine operations and temporary conditions - Be responsible for reviewing structural
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Senior System Architect

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008191
Senior System Architect - Monitor trends in the industry and suggest improvement areas and new solution in close collaboration with the SAS suppliers. - Initiate and mature Collaboration with other operators and SAS vendors with the goal value creation
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Senior Technical Safety Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008167
Senior Technical Safety Engineer - Perform design and modification tasks on safety systems in projects such as: - General knowledge of technical safety aspects including Area Classification Ignition Source Control Escape Evacuation and Rescue EER
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Senior Completion Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008160
Senior Completion Engineer - Accountable for ensuring the safe and efficient handover of equipment to the Asset Operations team upon completion of commissioning activities. - Lead role for ensuring completions and commissioning activities are documented
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Logistics Coordinator

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008140
Logistics Coordinator The purpose of the LC job is to make sure that the identified and scheduled field personnel for the different jobs are provided with sufficient reservations and tickets for an efficient carrying to their destinations sites . -
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Project Engineer – Subsea Controls

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008106
Project Engineer Subsea Controls - Provision of project engineering assistance to Engineering Manager and SPS Team in the Subsea Alliance - Supporting interface for topsides and SPS interfaces concerning the SPS control system the Modification alliance
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Data Scientist for Production Optimization

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008096
Data Scientist for Production Optimization The following apply on top of the requirements for the Data analyst: - Masters or PhD degree in relevant area. - Minimum 5 years experience with data analysis and visualization. - Deep knowledge of data bases
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Data Analyst for Production Optimization

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008095
Data Analyst for Production Optimization - Extracting gathering processing interpreting and analysing data related to oil & gas production. - Visualize data and output from the above activity into relevant dashboards operational templates and GUI
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Senioringeniør Automasjon

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008034
Senioringeniør Automasjon - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen disiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Estimering og planlegging av arbeidsomfang innen disiplinen. - Utarbeide designunderlag og tekniske løsninger for SAS. - Utarbeide
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Senioringeniør teknisk sikkerhet

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008033
Senioringeniør teknisk sikkerhet - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen teknisk sikkerhet disiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Estimering av arbeidsomfang for disiplinen i prosjekt. - Detaljengineering og utarbeide nødvendig teknisk
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Senior Prosess Ingeniør

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008032
Senior Prosess Ingeniør - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen prosess disiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Estimering av prosess arbeidsomfang i prosjekt. - Selvstendig utføre prosesstekniske beregninger & utarbeide preliminært og
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Senior pipingingeniør

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008031
Senior pipingingeniør - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen piping disiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Estimering av piping arbeidsomfang i prosjekt. - Utarbeide tekniske løsninger for piping og layout disiplinen og levere teknisk
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Senior Struktur Ingeniør

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008029
Senior Struktur Ingeniør - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen strukturdisiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Utarbeide designtekniske løsninger av strukturelementer skidder supportere o.l. ihht. regelverk nasjonale/internasjonale
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Senior Data & Information Analyst

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00008014
Senior Data & Information Analyst - Establish and lead the "Visualization & Analytics Center of Excellence" - Establish business management processes for the analytics and visualization area and be responsible for these. This include setting polices
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Instrument engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007720
Instrument engineer - Administration of tags in EIS Administration of Client systems STID Tag STID Doc Procosys STID Loop - Administration of engineering documentation in ProArc - Produce new and revise existing documentation and drawings such
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Senior Process Engineer

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007661
Senior Process Engineer - Perform and evaluate process simulations - Preliminary and detail process design - Calculation and dimensioning of piping valves and process equipment - Prepare P&ID line lists and design reports - Project work in multidiscipline
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Senior ingeniør instrument/automasjon

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007596
Senioringeniør Instrument/Automasjon - Ansvarlig for leveranser innen disiplinen i tilbud studier og gjennomføringsprosjekter. - Estimering og planlegging av arbeidsomfang innen disiplinen. - Utarbeide designunderlag og tekniske løsninger for
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Konstruksjon/metode - sorte fag

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007589
Konstruksjon/metode - sorte fag -Planlegge metode lage installasjonsbeskrivelse og klargjøre systemer for installasjon -Utføre ingeniøroppgaver i kundesystemer som SAP og ProCoSys -Delta aktivt i prosjekteringsfasen med fokus på konstruksjons-/installasjonsmetode
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MC & Commissioning

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007585
MC & Commissioning -Bidra i tidlig prosjekteringsfase med estimering av MC & Comm. arbeidsomfang i prosjekteringsfase og ferdigstillelse offshore samt plan. -Selvstendig planlegge MC- og commissioningaktiviteter. -Delta tidlig i engineeringfasen og
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Senior HSSE External Environment Professional

Location: Stavanger ID: HQ00007541
Senior HSSE External Environment Professional This role will help shape and further develop the climate and sustainability strategy and implement energy management in Client throughout the value chain. The role will ensure that the company has adequate
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