Client Services

Our consultants are supported by a dedicated team that takes care of administration, practicalities and logistics; allowing them to fully devote their energy and efforts towards your projects.


Permanent Recruitment

Whether you are looking for contingency hire or detailed sourcing of highly specialised talent, we have available recruiters who has the experience and expertise in targeting and attracting the very best candidates in the engineering and technical market.

Contract Recruitment

With over 35 years experience in contract staffing, our discipline specific consultants will take time to understand your recruitment needs, scouring the global talent pool to find you the ideal candidate with the appropriate skills and expertise to help drive your business or project forward.

Managed Services

Our Managed Solutions are delivered by NES Advantage Solutions.
We combine our considerable experience to offer a range of tailored managed services, which enable you to outsource part of or all of your recruitment processes to us.

Support Services

We can handle every logistical and compliance hurdle necessary to ensure that you have access to the best in global talent and can focus on driving your business forward.

Our Industries

We have the world’s most exciting engineering and management projects. Continue reading to know a bit about what we offer.